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CottageService around Bolmen

We take care for your holiday home.


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+46 70 867 1616


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  • Check of house and property from the outside
  • Indoor controls of for example mice, temperature, refrigerator and freezer

Interval according to your requirement (once, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, all year long or just in wintertime)


We document the status and condition of house and property, including our work, by picture. You get the picture and if necessary a short report by E-mail. In case of any damage or defect you will be contacted immediately to coordinate the following actions.

mowing the lawn in Sweden
Gardenservice in Sweden


From spring to autumn there is constant work in the garden, which sometimes requires special machines or special qualifications. We will take care of everything that you can't or don't want to.

  • Mowing the lawn with mulching mower 

  • Work with grass trimmer and clearing saw

    (swedish clearing saw driving license RA & RB exists)

  • Pruning of hedges and shrubs
  • Free the road from trees and bushes with a pole saw for e.g. sludge discharge truck

  • Work up trees – felling, limbing, cutting to length

            (swedish chainsaw-license A & B exists

  • Rakes leaves with a leaf blower

  • etc.

Interval according to your requirement (once, weekly, every two weeks or monthly).


We document our work with photos and send you the photos and possibly an opinion via e-mail ifyou are not at home.


We help you with cleaning and window cleaning for your privately used holiday home and work according to your wishes or as needed (Mondays to Fridays).

Feel free to ask for an offer.

All houses and properties are different and the work to be done is very individual. We talk about your wishes and ideas and take a look at house and/or property. On that basis we do a first pricing. Invoicing is always done according to the actual working hours. It is a fair solution of pricing for both sides.

We always charge our services at the beginning of a month for the last month. Our invoices can be paid in Swedish kroner as well as in Euro.